Korg Announces Modwave Wavetable Synth

Korg Announces Modwave Wavetable Synth

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Fri, 01/22/2021 - 08:06


Naomi Bolton

Korg made waves (pardon the pun) in 1985 with the release of the DW-8000, which offered a combination of analog filters and digital wavetables. It was unlike anything else with analog oscillators at the time and went on to become a cult favorite among fans. Now, Korg has announced "Modwave" which they have designed to build on the legacy of the DW. With Modwave Korg promises a return of the classic, but with all of the updates and features needed to appeal to modern audiences.
Based on information released by Korg the Modwave will be sporting some impressive specifications. The most important will be the incredibly deep wavetable oscillators, but the Modwave will also have gorgeous filters, extremely flexible modulation, and unmatched polyphony. It also comes with comprehensive pattern sequencing and satisfying hands-on control. Korg is not stopping there either as with the Modwave they have added Kaoss Physics and Motion Sequencing 2.0, which will allow users to have more control over dynamic motion. Kaoss Physics is basically a combination of an x/y Kaoss pad and modulatable game physics that delivers an interactive controller as responsive as it is powerful. Motion Sequencing 2.0, on the other hand, improves on the wavestate's Wave Sequencing 2.0 with multiple lanes and real-time recording for phrases that go beyond other step sequencers.
Purists will enjoy the knob-per-function layout of the Modwave and hundreds of preset sounds make it easy to get started with this synth. Everything is organized neatly with front-panel category buttons, but can quickly be customized with the four Modulation Knobs. The Modwave also has plenty of space to create and save your own sounds. Users have access to over 200 wavetables, each containing up to 64 waveforms and modifiable using the 30+ modifiers as well as 13 morph types. The unique, real-time A/B Blend also makes it easy to create hybrids from any two wavetables. If this wasn't enough it also supports custom wavetables in Serum or WaveEdit formats. Even more incredible, the Modwave is capable of 32-voice polyphony, which leaves other wavetable synths in its dust. A special mention should also be made of the number of filter options available with the Modwave. From the aggressive MS-20 Lowpass or Highpass filters for vintage character to the Multi Filter that now has a front panel knob with presets, it's easier than ever to experiment with all the possibilities.
Check out the official Korg website for a complete overview of the Modwave Wavetable Synthesizer technical specifications and watch the video below to see it in action. One thing is for sure, Korg has not been resting on their laurels during this pandemic, so let us know on the forum or in the comments below what your thoughts are on the Modwave.