Light Up Patch Cable Finds Success On Kickstarter

Light Up Patch Cable Finds Success On Kickstarter

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The small Irish company, myVolts, took to Kickster recently for their sixth campaign. Following successful campaigns such as the Z-charge, Ripcord, Candycords, and TAPS, their latest Kickster is for a light-up patch cable called Halo. According to myVolts, Halo is made to suit every setup, from modular to semi-modular, and MIDI controllers while providing visual feedback. In addition, by using light intensity, color, and frequency changes, they claim that Halo can help educate users on their unconscious patching choices. For example, the LED will go red for negative signals, purple/yellow for high frequency, and blue/green for positive signals. myVolt also designed each Halo cable to have a bi-color LED pair, which is either blue/red or green/red. This allows for LED color coordination within a patch.

The Halo Kickstarter page states that the product came about as a collaboration with Andrew Huang, the Canadian YouTube personality, musician, and music producer. After sending him some Candycord samples, Andrew mentioned to myVolts that he had some ideas for the product, which resulted in the polarity indicating audio patch cables.

Halo launched on Kickstarter with a $25,792 goal in November, which it quickly managed to reach. myVolts also listed a few stretch goals for “hidden products” that will be revealed if enough back is received. These include Halo Jack, Halo Mult, Halo Splitter, and White Halos.

Pledges for Halo start at about $20 for two of the same Candycord Halo cables. Cables are available in 15cm, 30cm, 50cm, and 80cm versions with colors that range from Marshmallow Pink and Jellybean Purple to Cool Grey, Liquorice Black, Sunset Peach, Pineapple Yellow, and Sky Blue.

Check out the Candycord Halo Kickstarter Page for more information or to make a pledge if you like what you see ( myVolts expects the first batch of Halo cables to ship out in December 2022, followed by the second batch in January 2023.