My First Modular System Live On Kickstarter

My First Modular System Live On Kickstarter

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Mexico City based Oficina de Sonido, created by Daniel Llermaly, has launched a Kickstarter for a gateway to the Euroracksystem, named My First Modular. Oficina de Sonido is centered on designing music-making tools with Open source in mind, and My First Modular aims to be a modular system that is affordable without compromising on quality.

According to the Kickstarter page, My First Modular will offer beginners a low-cost Eurorack system with a precise selection of modules that are versatile. It is designed by designers and musicians, so it will include everything needed to express musical creativity. It also aims to be the most accessible Eurorack modular system that exists. Thanks to its Opensource design proposal, anyone with knowledge can use the My First Modular templates and codes to produce their own modules. 

My First Modular has eight modules that can be combined with each other or other Eurorack modules. Although easy to understand for beginners, it also offers flexibility with modules that include a VCF Filter, SEQ 684, VCO Chords, Delay, AD/AR, VCA, Multimix, and LFO. The package also includes four art blank panels, a wooden case, a power supply, a power bus with ten sockets, 8 power cables, 8 patch cables, and 24 screws. 

The My First Modular Kickstarter opened with a goal of $9,131, which it quickly surpassed. Pledges for the My First Modular Complete system start from about $661, but a Black Edition is also available for ABOUT $867. The device is designed under an Open Source philosophy, and Officina de Sonido has promised that all the codes and diagrams will be published on their webpage / Github for public use. 

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