New Releases by Full Bucket Music, Universal Audio, Roland & Korg


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From free software to new hardware there are plenty of exciting developments in the synth sphere. Here’s a quick round-up of the most notable new releases. 

Free Software

For those who have already blown their synth budget in preparation for Christmas the following free releases can offer some fun without having to spend more money. 

By Full Bucket Music



Full Bucket Music has released Oxid, a software instrument simulating the classic ARP Omni-2 Polyphonic Synthesizer from the 1970s. It offers high performance and low CPU consumption as it is written in native C++ code. Oxide offers a close simulation of the original hardware, has 64 voices polyphony, string, and synthesizer sections as well as additional phaser and delay effects. Oxide is available for Microsoft Windows (VST2/VST3/CLAP) and Apple macOS (VS2/VST3/CLAP/AU). As with the other software on Full Bucket Music it is free of charge, but those who enjoy it can donate to help keep the site running. 

LUNA Digital Audio Workstation
By Universal Audio



LUNA, the next generation DAW by Digital Audio Workstation is now available free to Mac users. Previously, UA hardware was required to use the DAW, but it can now be downloaded free from the Universal Audio website. Users get the full unlimited version of LUNA, the Oxide tape extension, the Shape toolkit instrument, and the ARP arpeggiator. In addition, they have access to a 30-day trial of the LUNA Pro bundle and a 30-day trial of Neve Summing. Universal Audio stated that there’s no need to be online or to buy a dongle to get started with LUNA, but that an account is required. LUNA itself can be used on up to three separate macOS systems simultaneously. 

New Software

While not free, the new software releases below can help to unlock your creativity in the studio. 


By Roland



Roland announced GALAXIAS, describing it as a powerful “Super Instrument” that brings together 50 years of their legendary synths and drum machines. GALAXIAS was designed to be an evolving platform instrument that continually grows with new sounds, features, and more. It allows users to explore over 20,000 inspiring sounds and dozens of evocative Scenes while searching by instrument, sound type, sound pack, keywords, and more. Users can drag-and-drop audio or MIDI to their DAW timeline, combine, layer, and sequence up to four instruments per instance, and build setlists for dynamic live performances with seamless Scene changes. GALAXIAS is available exclusively with a Roland Cloud Ultimate membership, but a free 30-day-all-access trial is available. 

New Hardware

For those who prefer to physical feel of their instruments over working with software, there have been plenty of new and upcoming releases worth checking out. 

By Korg



Korg has shared information about the MPS-10, a drum, percussion, and sampler pad developed by the design team behind WaveDrum and Pearl e/MERGE. According to Korg, the MPS-10 provides the ultimate drum pad experience with a unique pad design that sets it apart from the rest. The MPS-10 features ten pads, a versatile sampler, four groundbreaking CC pads, and a cutting-edge 4-track looper. Users will have an expansive collection of 2,350 assignable Instruments (INST pads) and more than 3000 high quality samples at their disposal.

KAOSS Replay
By Korg



Also releasing soon from Korg is the KAOSS Replay, which is meant to be an all-in-one solution for musicians, performers, and producers. Korg has revealed that the Replay will feature unparalleled KAOSS Pad and Effects, expanded sample playback and sampling capabilities, as well as intuitive and precise DJ controls. It is a portable stand-alone unit that eliminates the need for any additional equipment. KAOSS Replay boasts 128 sample slots for each of up to 100 projects, a rich palette of 128 new KAOSS FX, and 16 high-quality velocity-sensitive pads. All of this is packed into a robust aluminum body with a sleek and minimalist design.