picoSYNTH Combines Pixel Art With Softsynths

picoSYNTH Combines Pixel Art With Softsynths

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Fri, 01/06/2023 - 07:19


Naomi Bolton

Synth fans with an appreciation for retro pixel art shouldn’t miss out on picoSYNTH by Johan Peitz. It is currently available on itch.io for $2.99 (https://johanpeitz.itch.io/picosynth), which provides access to Windows, Mac, and Linux builds of the software. According to the developer, picoSYNTH is a playful way to create simple loops and beats. While it looks deceptively simple, it is possible to combine the equipment in interesting ways and come up with more complex arrangements. 

The main features of picoSYNTH are that players can build rigs in playful and straightforward ways to make music and loops. It offers live tuning of sounds and beats while allowing players to choose from multiple waveforms and equipment. In addition, the program saves files in an easy-to-read text format and can export to WAV for importing elsewhere. 

Check out the video below to see picoSYNTH in action or to purchase a copy.