Suonobuono Introduces New LAZER Controller

Suonobuono Introduces New LAZER Controller

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Fri, 11/26/2021 - 08:40


Naomi Bolton

There are plenty of weird, wonderful, and even impractical controllers available for synthesizers. Suonobuono from Sweden is adding one more to the list with their laser-based standalone music controller, LAZER.

According to Sunobuno, LAZER has a rich set of outputs that can control external MIDI instruments and effects, analog synths, and virtual instruments in Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic, or other DAWs. In addition, it has an onboard lo-fi oscillator to use for headphones for live tracking or as an audio source. This means that LAZER is completely standalone and can be used for live jams as it doesn't require a computer.

Although LAZER can be used in a similar way as a Theremin, it is not the same. Whereas a Theremin exploits electromagnetic principles, LAZER instead measures the time it takes for a light pulse to reach your hand and bounce back. This data is then converted into MIDI, analog, and audio signals, according to user settings. It also allows for precise control of sensitive parameters, such as pitch and filter frequency, thanks to its 1mm resolution and configurable range up to 50cm.

Anyone worried about the laser part can also relax as its low power laser emitter is not dangerous for your eyes as long as it is operated according to the user manual. LAZER does not require wearing any wearables and can also be used in most light conditions. It is even possible to use multiple LAZERs simultaneously without worrying about them interfering with each other.

LAZER is powered by USB for maximum portability and features flexible settings with an OLED display and user settings. Using the OLED display allows users to adjust the MIDI parameters that they want to control as well as their range, direction and more. MIDI messages are sent to the classic 5-poles DIN MIDI port and the USB port. The CV and gate outputs are used for analog signals. LAZER even has an audio output that produces a signal whose pitch varies with hand distance.

Check out the video embedded below to see and hear LAZER in action and visit the official website for more information and the full technical specifications. According to Suonobuono, LAZER is expected to begin shipping by the end of January 2022 but can be ordered at the pre-order launch price of kr1,190.00