Sound Semiconductor Reveals First New VCO IC In Decades

Sound Semiconductor Reveals First New VCO IC In Decades

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Fri, 09/25/2020 - 09:27


Naomi Bolton

Sound Semiconductor has recently unveiled the FatKeys™ SSI2130, which is their first new VCO IC in decades. According to them, it is worth the wait, though, as it delivers beautiful triangle, sawtooth, pulse, and square waveforms with unprecedented temperature stability. In addition, the SSI2130 adds an on-chip mixer, low distortion sine wave generator along with through-zero FM/PM capability, and more. Finally, the whole thing is wrapped up in an ultra-compact PCB footprint.

The datasheet for the SSI2130 highlights some of its other features such as the highly integrated synth voice front-end, two auxiliary inputs, exponential and linear controls, and more. Sound Semiconductor stated on their Facebook page that the SSI2130 provides unprecedented performance and features for electronic music systems, audio function generators, or other devices that make use of high-integrity audio waveforms.

The pricing for the SSI2130 was also revealed to be $2.25 at 1K pieces, with stock being available right now. Qualified OEM's can get their hands on samples and an evaluation board while hobby and DIY enthusiasts will have to turn to authorized resellers. Dan Parks, the President of Sound Semiconductor, stated that their design team has been anxious to develop a new-generation VCO and that while they knew that the SSI2130 was going to be good, it ended up exceeding their expectations. For more information on the SSI2130 and other Sound Semiconductor products, check out the official website.