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The first of the OB series Oberheim synths, this is a classic analog synthesizer available in 4, 6 or 8 voice configurations. It featured a 2 pole VCF lowpass filter with its own ADSR, a VCA with ADSR, a flexible LFO section, polyphonic sample and hold, polyphonic portamento and 32 patches of memory. Although it has been over-shadowed by the bigger and more popular OB-Xa and OB-8 synths which offer more flexible programming, the OB-X still holds its own. Capable of lush analog synth sounds comparable to the Sequential Prophet 5 but at a reasonable price. The OB-X also gives you Polymod functionality, something that the OB-Xa and OB-8 do not have.



This synth is definitely worth checking out. It has been used by Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Cirrus, Depeche Mode, Queen, Supertramp, Kenny Kirkland, Jean-Michel Jarre, Japan, Tangerine Dream, Rush, Simple Minds, Chicago, Styx, Ultravox and dozens more!

Update:  It should be noted that one of the major differences between the OB-X and its descendants is that the OB-X has Oberheim S.E.M. filters while subsequent OB synthesizers have Curtis ladder filters which have a sometimes subtly but completely different sound. The OB-X is more purely Oberheim.


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Demos & Media

Oberheim OB-X “Vintage Sounds” pt.1
Audio Clip 1 A nice sample of the OB-X sound.
ManualDownload the original owner's manual from SoundProgramming.net.


Polyphony - 4, 6 or 8 voices
Oscillators - 2 VCO's per voice (sawtooth or pulse)
Filter - 2 Pole lowpass with ADSR envelope
VCA - 1 ADSR VCA envelope
Keyboard - 61 note
Memory - 32 patches
Control - CV / Gate on voice 1 only
Date Produced - 1979


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