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The Elevata is a virtual analog poly-synth with a back-to-basic's interface and big analog sounds. The same DSP analog modeling synthesizer technology used in the DarkStar has been beefed up for this sound module. The front panel swivels 90 degrees to facilitate rack-mounting or desktop use. Several hands-on knobs are plainly laid out for the oscillator, filter, envelope, and LFO sections in a simple, streamlined and intuitive interface.

It is 16-voice polyphonic and has 8 multi-timbral parts. There are two analog modeling oscillators per voice with square, sawtooth, sine & formant waveforms. The filter is a 2-pole (12dB/oct) with switchable low-, high-, or band-pass modes. There are ADSR envelopes for the filter and VCA sections and two syncable LFOs with multiple waveforms. You will also find portamento, a basic arpeggiator, chorus and flange effects, and a joystick controller assignable to any modulatable parameter. There are no reverb or delay effects unfortunately.

Every parameter has a knob or switch just a hand-grab away, so creating sounds is quick and easy on the Elevata. The Sound Wizard is a cool function that randomizes various parameters. This allows you to experiment with creating random sounds, hopefully leading to some happy accidents! Your custom creations can be stored in any of 127 user patches. There are also 127 preset patches and 90 multi-patches (aka performances). The Multi-patches can have up to eight different patches for creating some very lush arrangements.

The Elevata is also upgradeable via EPROMs you can buy for a little over $100 each and install yourself. The Vocoda EPROM adds vocoder capability. Additional EPROMS are on the way and there is room for up to 3 EPROMs. With multiple (6) outputs, stereo inputs for processing external audio, and full MIDI implementation, the Elevata's at home in any studio environment. It makes an interesting alternative to other virtual analogs in its price range such as the Nord Leads and Novation SuperNovas.

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Demos & Media

Audio Clip 1 Sounds of the Elevata from the Future Music Magazine, issue 124.


Polyphony - 16 voices
Oscillators - Two with square, sawtooth, sine & formant waveforms plus pink/white/blue noise
LFO - Two with ramp, triangle, square, sine, pulse, sample + hold, random waveforms.
Effects - Chorus, Flange
Filter - 12 dB/oct resonant filter, low-, high-, or band-pass modes
Keyboard - None
Memory - 127 preset, 127 user patches, 90 multi-patches with 8 programs each
Control - MIDI IN/OUT/THRU (8-parts), Joystick Controller with independent socket input
Date Produced - 2001