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The Microwave XTk is a keyboard version of the powerful Microwave XT. It's a great big orange polyphonic performance synthesizer with 49 full sized velocity sensitive keys. There are 44 rotaries of knob-laden heaven and lots of control. All of the knobs transmit MIDI information as well! It's perfect for performance and studio work.

The Microwave XT synthesizer engine is relatively the same as the Microwave II and Wave synths that came before it. Digital wavetable synthesis and FM synthesis in which waves are mixed and combined into new sounds. The Microwave XTk can easily emulate the sounds of the PPG wavetable synths as well as create squelchy acid-303 lines or boomy Moog bass.

Other great functions include a programmable arpeggiator, 4 integrated digital effects and stereo audio inputs. A sinus shaper 12dB low pass filter, a wave shaper 12dB low pass filter, sample & hold with a 12dB low pass filter, dual parallel filters with 12dB low pass and 12dB band pass, a 12dB low pass filter with filter FM (cutoff modulation through oscillator 2). Top that off with 8 part multitimbrality, 256 sounds and 128 multi-patches for one mega-powerful performance synthesizer perfect in any live or studio application where fat analog sounds are needed!

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Waldorf Microwave XTk / XT
Audio Clip 1 Some funky and fresh sounds from the Microwave XT.
ManualRead or download the complete and original owner's manual for the Microwave II (in PDF format).


Polyphony - 10 voices (expandable to 30)
Oscillators - 2 oscillators per voice, 64 ROM wavetables, 32 RAM wavetables, 64 waves per wavetable, 500 waves
Memory - 256 sounds, 128 multi-patches
Filter - 2 multi mode filters, filter 1: low pass 12dB/24dB, band pass 12dB, high pass 12dB and more; filter 2: low pass 6dB, high pass 6dB; Filter envelope ADSR
LFO - 2 LFOs with MIDI sync
Keyboard - 49 velocity sensitive keys with aftertouch
Arpeg/Seq - Arpeggiator with MIDI sync
Control - MIDI
Date Produced - 1999